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        What is it like to work with you?

        We're the most awkward people you will ever meet, are we goners?

        Do you cover weddings internationally?

        Do you deliver all the images and how long will they take to get to us?

        Can you photoshop us to look skinnier/ have clear skin/ have the ass of Beyonce?

        Do you give out Raw files?

        Can we print our own images and post them on social media?


        No awkward posing. More documenting & natural direction.

        I like to be involved in the planning process. I have a guide to help you plan for photos, timeline, light, etc. Whether you want my opinion on scheduling or what shoes to get, I'm here to help!

        On your wedding day, I won't do posey portraits or the typical “pinterest” shots. I want to capture how you felt, the mood, the “outtakes”, and the unscripted moments.

        I'll give you direction, while photographing what happens naturally as you respond, to me and to each other. It’s less about the posing and more about the direction and cues I give you. I’ll ask questions, get you talking, and bring out those natural responses!

        For the rest of the day, I keep it mostly documentary, capturing the natural moments as they happen. I won't step in and change the naturally occurring emotion.

        And I do shoot “formal” family/bridal party shots, I just don't spend a ton of time on the posey stuff.