TO MENU

        Who I am..

        Well first things first … you’re probably wondering how the hell to say my last name! For that I have created this GIF, where you can see a a visual of how to say ‘ROBERGE’.  Fingers crossed that stops people from saying my last name as ‘ROUGEBURGER’… haha no idea how they get to that one!

        I’m all about creating a space for you to be you, and the rest I take care of. Everything from telling you about the best vendors to suit your vibe, to helping you with your timeline of the day, I pride myself on being able to give you the best advice and make things stress free.

        Finally, when you book with me, you know that a portion of your payment is going back to the Queenstown and wider Aotearoa community, where I donate to the following organisations – 

        Central Lakes Family Services – https://www.clfs.co.nz

        Look Good, Feel Better – https://lgfb.co.nz

        Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand – https://www.cfnz.org.nz

        WWF New Zealand – https://www.wwf.org.nz

        Pride Pledge – https://pridepledge.co.nz

        I also off-set all my carbon immersions when traveling and use paper-less booking systems to keep this earth lookin fine!

        Safety, Visibility, Inclusion

        I, and everyone on my vendor's list are Rainbow Community allies. To us, love is love. I support all marriages. All relationships. All partnerships. All humans. To my LGBTTQI+ friends, you are welcome, you are loved and you and your loved ones are welcome here. If you need any advice or suggestion on how to create an inclusive wedding day for your family and friends, please let me now and I would love to help you!

        What I do..

        I take photos of epic couples and real people. No lame posing or forced smiles ’round here. I take photos of my clients just being themselves, the laughs, the cries, the good, the bad- everything.

        My passion for photography grew from those butterfly feelings you get when you experience true, awesome love. When your partner takes you by the hand and you run like crazy people to catch the last train, or when you’re sitting on your couch together and are too afraid to get up to use the washroom because you’ll never be able to find your way back into that comfy position (no matter how hard you try to memorise it).

        I’m not about stiff awkward stagnant 90’s poses, because lets be real, those kinds of pictures suck to take and suck to pose for. Ditch the textured backdrops and the matching turtlenecks, none of that is happening on my watch. I want to see the real you. The person your dog thinks you are. I want to see the genuine, quirky, sarcastic, teasing, gentle, fun and unique love that you have for one another. All those factors together will show what you’re all about and create memories that last a life time. If that sounds like your kinda jam, let’s chat!